The black knight is in anger

As the white queen passes by

I can see your eyes shift

As you’re trying not to cry


It’s only a game you say

And you move another stone

While you feed on your illusions

I am shaken to the bone


The knight gives way to shiny white

And the pile of blackness grows

In your eyes a hope is glowing

For a reason nobody knows


I told you that the wind is stronger

You just smiled and called me fool

You played on and called fate liar

Oh, you just were way too cool


I lift my hand to crush your chances

Lift my eyes to see you pale

Turn my head to hide emotions

While I’m trying to exhale


You raised the stakes through self-approval

And you were deaf to warning words

You put all in and now you shiver

For you know by now it hurts


I want your king and I will crush it

A small price you’ll have to pay

In a game I bid my good-bye

Because I know you love to play


I told you that the wind is stronger

Warned you not to be too cool

But you just laughed and called me liar

Now it’s you who is the fool


Remember that we are all the same

In the hands of fate

…just a dice in a game

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