Washing day

When spring is finally around

I grab my bike and head to town

To find I’m not the only one

The streets are crowded when sun comes


Under the clothes the folks are white

Or rather pale in bright sunlight

Collecting freckles and sunburns

Enjoy each ray until the wind turns


To bring on the rain

First drop on my ray ban

Second on the paper fan

Third one clashes on coffee tray

Heaven has got washing day


The bike is wet, my shoes are too

I nearly stepped in doggy poo

Missed the green light but not the shard

This cut my inner tube apart


I push the bike through rain and mud

This april month is quite a slut

To bribe with sunshine to remain

And then to dowse with tons of rain


So there’s the rain again

First drop on my ray ban

Second on my brain

Third one clashes on my shirt

Heaven must get rid of dirt


Then I am home, exhausted too

I take a shower and call you

You say: what’s up, come out to play

Sleepy head, it’s a sunny day


I step to the window to look out

Light tickles my eyes, yeah, no doubt

There is the sun, this old snitch

Oh april, you are such a bitch

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